Wild Wind's manufacturing company, an Oklahoma based company since 1983, has always taken pride in great workmanship and the ability to provide quality products.  
Located in the heart of the infamous Tornado Alley, accompanied by the belief that family should always come first, we came to consider, "Who better to build a solid, durable, and most importantly, safe, tornado shelter than a company with 30 years of fabrication experience?"  Armed with an in-depth knowledge of fabrication, design capabilities and researched feedback from storm survivors, we immediately went to work producing a shelter of the highest quality to offer at affordable pricing.  Aside from a durable construction, one of our first considerations was accessibility. 
   - with severe weather, why leave the temporary shelter of your home to              "try" and make it to an outside shelter,
paired with ultimate safety
   - the seasoned weatherman has just announced the only safe place for                what's coming is underground. 
The solution, on both counts is to install one of our in ground storm shelters in your garage!
At the forefront during the design process were strength, safety, durability and longevity requirements necessary to produce a shelter that didn't just meet, but exceeded standard guidelines.  With these goals achieved, the decision was made to improve upon standard storm shelter doors.  Subsequently, Wild Wind Storm Shelters features our own
Newly designed triple-latch door!

Once within the safety of your shelter, the door panel easily slides shut with a single motion.  Immediately, three latches engage simultaneously to lock the closed door in place.  No hunting for pins and hoops or fumbling with sliding bolts.
Our steel, in-ground, garage shelter models are designed to provide your family with the maximum storm protection in the convenience of your home. Unlike the obtrusive, unhandy outdoor shelters which require days of planning and construction to accommodate the landscape, our storm shelter installs in only hours, is easily accessible and is out of the weather.
Wild Wind Storm Shelters passed testing at Texas Tech's Wind Science Debris Impact Facility and meets or exceeds requirements set out by FEMA and ICC-500 Shelter Standards.  This provides you with the extra assurance you're getting a storm shelter that will protect you and your family.